Who We Are

At Phoenix Church of Christ, we embrace a ministry full of life and learning, welcoming all to join our vibrant community. As a non-denominational Christian church within the global fellowship of the International Churches of Christ, we forge new connections and nurture faith. Each day, we work to share God's word, inviting you to search for a deeper understanding of God's teachings. With years of service, we find joy in Jesus's salvation and strive to reflect His love in the world.

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What is the church according to the Bible?

In the Bible, the church is referred to as the body of believers in Christ, not a building or a physical location. It is described as the assembly of those who have faith in Jesus Christ and are called out from the world to come together for worship, teaching, and fellowship, united by the Holy Spirit. The church's purpose is to glorify God and to serve as a community of support and love, continuing the mission of Jesus on earth.

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